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We are a Business Intelligence Consultancy with a difference,  We have access to the best BI consultants available at half the cost of a Traditional Consultancy

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Welcome to Qintell, the place that provides INTELLigence Quickly,  We are a Qlikview Consultancy providing solutions, training, advice and a first rate service and excellent Value for Money


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  • Why Qintell?

We Bring years of IT and business expereince together to enable you to get the solutions that are best for your Business, we are not about seeling you as many licenses as possible but about delivering real solutions that provide real benefit, and our business model means that our costs are kept to a minimum which we can then pass onto you the Customer



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  • Why QlikView

to Quote Viktor Kiam, "I like it so much I bought the company",  well decided it was the future of BI Tools.  It offers real results in a very quick development timeframe which means we can provide you with real benefits in Days not months


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  • Other Services

We can arrange a whole host of services for you apart from Qlikview from IT Training to Microsoft Certified Server Management, Cloud hosting, PRINCE2 certified Project Management, AS/400 and RPG Resources, you name it just ask and we will provide


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